Japan’s marriage migrants hold leadership workshop

Japan’s marriage migrants hold leadership workshop

On May 14, Kafin-Hanno and Iruma, an organization of Filipino marriage migrants living in Hanno and Iruma cities of Japan, conducted a leadership and organizing workshop for marriage migrants in Higashi-Hanno, Japan. Rey Asis of the Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants was invited to provide input and facilitate the workshop.

Marriage migrants together with their advocates participated in the workshop to discuss the current conditions confronting marriage migrants in Japan, the problems they encounter on a daily basis, and the need to raise awareness among and organizing marriage migrants.

The participants recognized the importance of marriage migrants organizing themselves so as to have a better understanding of their situation and collectively work in finding solutions to these problems.

The participants identified the following issues as the major issues of marriage migrants in Japan: cultural adaptation, which included language concerns; family-related issues such as child-rearing and domestic violence; citizenship and rights; and problems related to employment and financial stability.

The participants also agreed and committed to working together to help form a multi-nationality marriage migrants’ organization in Japan.

This initiative is part of the continuing efforts to support the strengthening of AMMORE, or Alliance of Marriage Migrants’ Organizations for Rights and Empowerment, an alliance of marriage migrant groups from around the globe.

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