[DOWNLOAD NOW] Audio files for Women Migrant Workers

Statements 16 Sep 2016
[DOWNLOAD NOW] Audio files for Women Migrant Workers

We are happy to share with our women migrant workers the English audio files for their easy listening.

The audio files are part of a project aimed to assist our women migrant workers in learning about their rights and other important matters that affect them as migrant workers. Through these audio files, they will be able to know about leadership and how to organize, among other things.

These files can be downloaded and included in their playlist on their smartphones, which they can listen to anytime they like.

We will be uploading more English podcasts. Soon to follow are podcasts in Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia and Tagalog. For the mean time, enjoy listening to our podcasts below:

Leadership 1 – Methods of Leadership

Leadership 2 – History of the 2 Methods of Leadership

Leadership 3 – Collective Leadership and Organization

Leadership 4 – Meetings 1

Leadership 5 – Meetings 2

Leadership 6 – Handling Conflicts 1

Leadership 7 – Handling Conflicts 2

Leadership 8 – Criticism and Self Criticism

Leadership 9 – Assessment and Planning

Step by step history of organizing

Step by step how an organization works

Step by step how to organize

Step by step importance of organizing

Step by step roles and responsibilities

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