Erwiana’s win is the victory of the migrant movement

Statements 17 Feb 2015
Erwiana’s win is the victory of the migrant movement

A victory for Erwiana, a victory for all migrant workers.

The Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants congratulates Erwiana Sulistyaningsih as the Wanchai District Court has given her employer the guilty verdict on 18 charges, including assault, inflicting bodily harm, criminal intimidation, failure to pay wages on time, and failure to give rest day and statutory holidays.

We are happy for Erwiana because she deserves justice. We have seen how she has risen from being a victim to becoming a survivor, to stand up and fight for her case. She has also agreed to become an active part of a campaign that calls for justice not only for Erwiana but also for other abused and exploited migrant workers.

Erwiana’s victory is the victory of everyone who led, joined and participated in the campaign, service providers like the Mission For Migrant Workers and Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge who helped her throughout her case, and many people who in their own little way expressed support to the campaign and made Erwiana’s fight their fight.

The Justice for Erwiana, Justice for All Migrant Workers campaign is the expression of the collective effort of many migrant organizations as well as institutions and supporters in Hong Kong to raise awareness, support and active participation among the people to call for justice for Erwiana. This only shows that the collective struggle is indeed apt and correct. In a global system that means to exploit rather than to empower, to prioritize business profits over the interests and rights of peoples, to struggle and to fight is justified.

Erwiana is among the many who are fighting exploitation and oppression caused by neoliberal globalization. It is the imposition of policies under neoliberal globalization that cause poverty, unemployment, landlessness and many other problems that force Erwiana and many others to migrate to look for work. It is the same policies and framework that cause the commodification and exploitation of migrant workers like Erwiana. It is for this reason that the likes of Erwiana join the growing migrant movement and fight.

Erwiana’s victory will add to the many victories of the growing international migrant movement and will serve as an inspiration to the heightening resolve of many migrant workers to collectively struggle for protection of rights, for justice, and an end to modern-day slavery. #

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