Welcome Daniel, Our Intern From University of HK

Statements 06 Jul 2018
Welcome Daniel, Our Intern From University of HK

Daniel is one of our three interns for summer from the University of Hong Kong.

Currently, Daniel is staying with us at the APMM office while integrating with migrant workers.

Read more about him below.

Greetings! I am Daniel, a full-time international HKU student working at APMM as a summer intern. I am studying Politics & Public Administration and History as a year 2 student. I took two years of break between my first and second year to serve in the Korean military. My cross-national journey started off in Korea, my home country, passing through Poland, Australia, China and now in Hong Kong, Asia’s vibrant world city.

I feel a certain sense of connection with migrants in Hong Kong and across Asia, because I myself am a foreigner like them who are alien to the local culture, language and identity that are unique to that society and thus more prone to implicit discrimination and ostracization.

During the summer, I hope to immerse myself in the situation faced by migrant workers in Hong Kong and broaden my experience so that I will be better prepared to offer my help to those who are in need far away from home.

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