Welcome Maira, our intern from HKU

Statements 30 Jun 2017
Welcome Maira, our intern from HKU

Humaira Qamar is one of our three interns for summer from the Hong Kong University.

Currently, she, Kathleen and Nikki stay with us at the APMM office while integrating with migrant workers during Sunday.

Read more about her below.

Hi! Maira here. I will be graduating from HKU this summer with a double major in Psychology and Education and a minor in Journalism. I was immediately intrigued to be part of the APMM family mainly because of their efforts in empowering the migrant working community. Being closely raised by a foreign domestic worker from a tender age into the woman I am today has allowed me to gain insight into the hopes and struggles faced by many in similar occupations.

I have just started working at APMM recently. And apart from being profusely fed Pinoy food in the office, I am really excited to work on collecting empirical data on the effects of sleep deprivation on the quality of work produced by foreign domestic workers. Additionally, in my plight to recognize the migrant community as a composition of individuals with different hopes and aspirations, I am especially motivated to capture their lives through profile and featured stories.

Through my integration experience, I look forward to listening to the needs of the community. While also serving as a spokesperson in advocating for the rights to not only Hong Kong policy-makers but also the youth. A youth that has largely been nurtured and entrusted in the hands of the migrant community.

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