Welcome Evan, Our Intern From University of HK

Welcome Evan, Our Intern From University of HK

Evan is one of our three interns for summer from the University of Hong Kong.

Evan is currently staying with us at the APMM office while integrating with migrant workers.

Read more about him below.


Hi there! This is Evan here. I am a student from the University of Hong Kong with a double major in Politics and Public Administration, and Geography. I am staying as an intern with the APMM family this summer for two months.

As a migrant myself to different places, I have developed a deep interest in the human rights of the migrant communities. Even though it is fortunate that inequality and injustice facing the migrants in Hong Kong are never parts of my life, I am convinced in empowering the underprivileged who are enduring hardships in this city.

It is my hope that in my time at APMM I could have a more comprehensive understanding on the difficulties faced by the domestic workers so as to learn the true picture of human rights in Hong Kong from a broader prospective. I look forward to embarking my journey with APMM.

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