[APMM Webinars] Rex Osa talks refugee situation in Germany

[APMM Webinars] Rex Osa talks refugee situation in Germany

Rex Osa, a refugee of Nigerian descent in Germany, was the main resource speaker of APMM’s webinar on refugee situation last April 25.

In 2005, Rex sought asylum in Germany after escaping political persecution in Nigeria. In just six weeks, he realized the problems innate within the German political system and how it deals with refugees and migrants, among others.

Confronted with deportation alongside racism both at the institutional and societal level, Rex decided to fight back and expose “the hypocrisy of Germany”.

At length, he discussed the existing program that the German government has in dealing with asylum seekers and refugees in the country. In particular, he mentioned about “duldung” (or “temporary suspension of deportation), a card given to refugees who wish to work in Germany. He cited cases of refugees encountering problems with duldung, some of which were outright nullification by authorities of the duldung and consequent arrest of the refugee.

In Germany, Rex exposed various deportation centers that are hiding in plain sight. Many refugees and asylum seekers are being spot-checked, arrested and treated as if they were criminals. Racism and discrimination against refugees and other people of color in Germany have intensified in the past years.

He said that while organizing refugees, migrants and their families to assert their rights and dignity, he sees this as the only way. He committed to continuing to work for and with refugees and all advocates of refugees’ rights in Germany and in Europe.

“My existence in Germany can only be attributed to my intensive engagement that exposed me to a lot of political experiences from comrades. Since then I have continued to defend the rights of migrants and refugees after I obtain the acceptance to reside here,” Rex concluded.

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